The virtuous cycle generated by the baby diaper, incontinence diaper, and pad recycling process is equivalent to planting trees on our planet

Used absorbent hygiene products represent between 3 and 4% of municipal solid waste and normally are destined to landfill or incineration, with the consequent negative repercussions on the environment. This is made even worse by the total dispersion of the raw materials they are made of, and the considerable cost of disposal

4% of urban waste is AHP waste, which has considerable processing costs

Thanks to the patented FaterSMART technology, the emissions equivalent to those generated by over 3 million cars would be eliminated, and 9 million metric tons of recycled raw material would be recovered all around the world. The diaper recycling process is equivalent to planting trees: it saves more climate-changing emissions than the collection and processing of the absorbent hygiene products would generate.



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